Keep on Chooglin’ is the final track on Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1969 album Bayou Country. The term “Keep on choogling”, or “chooglin’” was the bands attempt to introduce a new idiom into the counter-cultural vocabulary of the time. The term neologism is used to describe such a phrase, especially one that is never accepted into mainstream language.
"…You got to make love and have a good time. And that's what I call chooglin’"
Revived here as the moniker for a series of semi-frequencial bedroom mixes shared online, and occasional live appearances.
The graphic mark takes inspiration from the 1972 Munich Olympics roundel, designed by Otl Aicher around the same time as CCR (probably under the advice of record label management), who hailed from blue-collar beginnings, were trying to appeal to a disillusioned, alternative-minded audience emanating from the California Bay Area hippie scene. 
It could be said Aicher's design was a modernist reinterpretation of the reactionary, psychedelic imagery that personified this era, imagery whose echoes can still be heard today.